Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's New

It has been a while and life has been full.

To summarize the last eight months
  • we had a quiet fall
  • started piano lessons for Tobie
  •  Helen was diagnosed with Celiac Disease
  • birthdays
  • moved in a house guest
  • took an epic trip across the country and back
  • 11th Anniversary
  • welcomed a puppy into our house
  • moved out a house guest
  • prayed
  • wept
  • grew in grace
  • grew in knowledge of the Savior
As I have been reflecting on life and on my experimental blog year I have realized a few things about life and myself.

First, I love to write. I miss blogging. I miss putting my thoughts down into words and processing and sharing and encouraging others as I send those thoughts out into cyberspace. Part of my personal worship time is writing out a letter to God. Sometimes my prayers do not even feel real until I have set them down on paper. This is not to argue if that is right or wrong but to illustrate that God has made me to desire and require writing to process and organize my thoughts.

Second, I need a goal or project. I thrive on something to help keep me motivated to persevere. That may mean signing up, paying the registration fee and buying the running shoes to motivate me to exercise. It means deadlines, goals, and accountability. If there is no goal, there is a combination of guilt over failing my imaginary and unrealistic expectations and nothing getting done due to laziness or boredom.

Last, I realized a point. That may not make much sense so let me explain. The blog was a growing experience. It was a joy. It was also a stress on my family. It was a distraction. That does not mean it was not worth it but in looking ahead I need a point, a reason to continue that is valuable enough to be worth the time and effort. I am so passionate about so many things and then on a given day I am ambivalent to that interest. For example, I love to crochet. However a blog all about crocheting would not fit the criteria of being valuable enough because that interest is fluctuating. After the Christmas push I don't want to see crochet hooks again until fall. There is one thing I am passionate about that can and will continue even if the feelings fade and best of all, it allows me a chance to write about food and crafts and home school and the Bible and life and anything else the Lord would lay on my heart.

Gospel living.

Living life in light of eternity, of Christ's sacrifice, of God's sovereignty and the Holy Spirit's constant work. 

So what can you expect?
  • Meditations on Scripture
  • Music reviews
  • Recipes
  • Mothering anecdotes 
  • The "why" of what I do
  • Responses to current events
  • Anything else that seems to come to mind...
Here is to a new adventure. May God be glorified and we be edified. 


  1. good to see this today Helen! love you!

  2. Yes! That's a great motivation for writing, and I look forward to adventuring with you, Helen.