Monday, September 3, 2012

Matt Papa

Keeping with the theme of last week and how can I live every minute for the glory of God in Christ, I watched this video. I wept for the lost souls that are everywhere but for those that specifically who have no or very few people to tell them about Christ. I was also exhorted to see everything in my life as a potential sacrifice to Christ. A gift to give up for Him and His glory. I began asking myself again, "are you willing to give that up for Him?" about small and big things in my life. I am a little discouraged at how easily it is to say, yes I am willing but then to see sin rise up again in me. I still am struggling with wanting to do more or be more purposeful and yet wanting to indulge. So here I am, a little discouraged but hopeful as I see that it is in my weakness and inability to understand that God is glorified in me. It is so obvious that any good thing: love for the lost, desire to glorify God, purposeful living, comes from Him alone and through Him alone.

I pray that you will be exhorted by this video but I pray that you will also be encouraged to seek Him first, above all else.