Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here we go...

Just when things start getting crazy again, I have to add another thing to do.

I am excited about this blog though so I pray that it will be a joy and not a burden to share with you my crafting, in cooking, in caching, in saving money and any others that come my way.

There are always about twenty projects going on in my mind and about five that I am actually working on. I am really good at starting and not very good and following through to the end. I love the quick ones that I am able to finish fast.

Last week Betsy was given a shirt and skirt set. I put it on her that morning and when I came back she had crawled out of the room and her skirt. Frustrated I admit that my first thought was, "so much for that outfit." It was definitely a summer combo and when she grew enough to keep her skirt on it would be far too cold for her to wear it. Then I remembered, I KNOW HOW TO SEW. I grabbed a needle and thread, folded the waist over and ten minutes later Betsy's skirt fit!

I am also working on a geocaching bag. It is quilted and the inside has buttons to attach small bags for sway, travel bugs, and pens. Don't worry pictures will follow soon.

Being that this is my first post I am sorry that it is more about me then about crafting, caching, or kids but keep following and there will be more fun to come.