Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monday Meals

Mondays are a little different for our family. Sundays are not very restful with meetings and services and practices so we take our time getting up in the mornings on Monday. I often make muffins or some other baked goods. Then we run errands or work around the house. Yesterday I made donuts for the first time. They were delicious but still need some work. I can't wait to share the recipe with you but it may take a couple tries and tests before it is ready to share.
  • Donuts
  • Eggs (pastured, from the Farmer's Market) and Spinach (from the garden)
  • Coffee (with my syrup and cream)
  • Water
  • Sliced Ham (Hormel, gluten free, nitrate free)
  • Cheese sticks
  • Salad - pears, oranges, arugula (garden), gourmet mix greens (garden)
  • Dressing - Bragg's Cider Vinegar, Light Olive Oil, fresh parsley, garlic, salt and pepper
  • Water
  • Sugar Free Lemonade and Ice Tea mix
  • Spaghetti - We don't have this often because of the high carbohydrate content. For noodles I use Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta. It is a combination of corn flour and quinoa flour. For sauce I use Classico Tomato and Basil sauce from Sam's Club. I can never follow a recipe exactly and the same goes for sauces so I always add fresh garlic to my meat and basil, parsley or oregano to the sauce...anything to make it more original.
  •  Rainbow Chard - sliced thin and sauteed in coconut oil with garlic, onion and lemon juice. Have to admit that this was not a hit with the kiddos BUT they ate it...since they couldn't have the next item until they were done with the chard. ;)
  • Yogurt and strawberries - homemade raw milk yogurt and strawberry sauce from our garden strawberries.
  • Cucumber Tomato salad - a few days ago I chopped up a cucumber and tomato from the Farmer's Market and let it sit in the parsley dressing I had made. We finished it off tonight.
  • Water
After dinner I took the kids and the dog up to the church parking lot and walked for two miles. It is great that once around the lot is a quarter mile. I plugged in my music and started walking while the kids played and ran around!

Full disclosure: I am fighting anxiety and when I feel extremely emotional...I eat. Good news? Let's celebrate with food! Bad news? Let's comfort with food! Worried? Food! That being said Sunday night I did indulge in a small Butterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen and Monday night I had met with my small group at a local coffee shop.

  • Coffee (stevia and half and half)
  • Gluten Free Peanut-Butter Chocolate Bar

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